Apr 25

Market landscapes

If I went to the end of the world and back and you invited me for coffee, would you like to see my pictures? What would you be interested in? I don’t think it would be ‘my wife at a museum’… I bet you would be interested in landscapes, people, places…

If you were planning a trip, where would you start? Let me tell you what you already know: with images, dreams. With imagined images. You would read travelling blogs, look at maps and pictures with a flushed face. Am I right? Planning a trip is an important stage.

And then the moment comes when you finally stand at the top of the mountain, in the centre of the metropolis, at the side of the lake or sea. Wind, sun, and space. Living a dream.

What is a landscape? I’ve heard once that the record holder for the number of memorised digits of the number pi can see subsequent emerging details of an infinite, perfect landscape. They are like trees, roads, fields, and forest.

We too have such internal landscapes. There are mountain tops when we face gorgeous challenges. There are winding rivers of every-day and placid estuaries of a closed stage of life or… project. Really, a project?

Marketing is an interdisciplinary domain that involves all conditions and activities related to the market. Marketing is the living space of businesses, brands, and people. Marketing is great in its diversity, complexity, and omnipresence. It is a planet full of landscapes you can travel across.

I can imagine a green valley in a veil of morning mist. In front of me, there is a road branching out. This is marketing research. You don’t know where to go and ask yourself, what do I want to reach, what way to take, do I have enough resources, has anyone gone this way before…

Sales are an exchange, a movement along the potential difference. It is like a winding river. Can promotion be compared to a waterfall? And a river groin to the end of a display shelf? 😉

Snow-capped mountain ranges are business challenges. Everyone has a dream peak. Market goals have to be reached following a marketing strategy. It’d better be a good one.

Ocean abyss has potential and brings life. These are in-depth insights of market participants. With customer experience projects, you can observe their experience as if in a modern bathyscaphe.

Sometimes you have to fly above the clouds to build a vision and mission. To find out why you are in the market.

Too poetic?

Why am I writing about it? Because we are wondering now at Umbrella on what to found our own content. Yesterday we had a company discussion and we chose the archetypal guide. For us, it is a mix of a guardian and explorer. This is how we feel and how we want to be represented in the market.

Join us to discover magnificent market landscapes with us. To achieve your desires and realise your own marketing passion.