Mar 20

Loyalty Programmes and Motivation Platforms

Work with us to build a custom programme or platform to take customer or professional engagement to new heights.

Customer loyalty programmes and professional motivation platforms allow you to engage and mobilise your happy customers and partners to create brand loyalty.

But it’s more than that.

Customer loyalty also pushes your brand growth to new levels – because people are your most effective advocates.

The Challenge

To put it simply, customer loyalty is someone’s willingness to buy from your brand over and over again. In a professional sense, it’s making sure they want to keep working with you.

Customers and professionals are savvy and won’t necessarily stay loyal to a brand if they find something else that suits them. There’s multiple ways to engage people to encourage them to advocate for your  products, but they may not do it unless there is something in it for them.

So, how do you provide real, tangible value to these people and turn them into loyal brand advocates and amplifiers?

The Opportunity

Creating a custom loyalty programme or motivation platform is an investment that really pays off.

A loyalty programme offering rewards, points or prizes for continued brand engagement will increase customer retention by giving them a reason to repeat purchase. You can turn your regular customers into super fans or brand advocates by rewarding them for sharing their opinions about your brand to their social networks.  It’s a simple and effective way to increase brand awareness, drive sales growth and reward your customers at the same time.

Motivation platforms, on the other hand, create an environment that not only rewards your partners or professional customers, but also adds true value to them in the form of content, gamification or online tools. This gives them a reason to continue to invest in and work with your brand.

How We Help

The first step in creating a loyalty programme or motivation platform is to deeply understand the needs of your target group, and how to best serve these, while also achieving your set business goals. This creates a win-win for both sides.

The next step is to determine the mechanics. Questions we might ask at this stage include: What actions are to be rewarded? Do customers collect points, or win prizes? How are actions and sales recorded? How are prizes sent out?

All this information is then used to build an awards tier. Here, we define what rewards are matched with which customer action. It may be graduated, where an initial action results in a smaller amount of points or lower value prize. This encourages users to continue to take action to receive higher value prizes.

We also help you to define your communication and production strategy. What messages do you want to convey to your audience, and how? We prepare the mechanics, design and build your platform, prepare visuals and materials and write the copy.

The final step is the promotion and amplification of the loyalty programme or motivation platform via online or offline channels, to ensure it reaches your target audience.

We’ve already created impactful motivation platforms for customers including Glass Solutions Saint-Gobain, Porta, and Igloo, helping them to build stronger connections with their distributors and customers on a multichannel level. Our custom loyalty programs have also proved successful for our clients such as Velux, Inwido, Bunge, PGN, Eaton and Duravit.

If you’re ready to build a more loyal customer or professional base for your brand, contact us at Umbrella today.